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Test Drive: Telestream Episode Pro, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

Telestream Episode Pro has emerged as a top performer on the Mac, and last December, Telestream released a Windows version. It’s an affordable tool that all HD producers on both platforms need to be aware of...

Distribute Expertise: Virtual Test Bench 

By Jan Ozer

Imagine that you're an Adobe Flash game developer and you get a call from a large mobile carrier that wants to make your games available on its network....

Test Drive: Nvidia Quadro CX and Adobe CS4, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

This month, we're looking at how Nvidia's Quadro CX technology (around $2,000 at B&H Photo Video) can accelerate performance in Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4)...

Edit Expertise: Dynamic Disc  

By Jan Ozer

With Creative Suite 4 (CS4), Adobe improved both the workflow and the Blu-ray- and Flash-related authoring capabilities of Encore. Within the context...

Distribute Expertise: Encoder Shootout  

By Jan Ozer

If you produce your streaming-media files on a PC, you have multiple sub-$1,000 encoding options including Adobe Media Encoder (AME), Microsoft's Expression...

CS4 and 64-bit Systems, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

In this month’s first installment, I discussed the technical aspects of 64-bit computing as it related to Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) performance...

The Distribution Beat 

Eric Melin

If ever anyone had a doubt that the Internet is absolutely the best place for the unfiltered exchange of ideas, President-elect Barack Obama has put them...

Distribute Expertise: Encoder Shootout  

By Jan Ozer

If you produce streaming-media files on the Apple Mac platform, you have a number of sub-$1,000 encoding options. These include the encoding tools bundled...

Vanguard Awards 2008 

By Trevor Boyer

When they consider the tools they use daily, professional video producers notice that their software tends to get more expansive and more complicated...

Web Video Moves Beyond Distribution 

By Dan Ochiva

The rush is on to take web video to the next level. And not just by distributing Hollywood features and television shows, but by moving back up the production...

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