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Integrate Review — Adobe Creative Suite Premium 

By Frank McMahon

For years Adobe has packaged various of its products together, usually along a common theme such as video or print....

After Effects for Shooters 

By Barry Braverman

It's certainly a sign of the times that, as a veteran shooter, I am here to discuss the world's most popular compositing tool. After all, the oxide has been on the wall for the last several years: Image creation is no longer the exclusive province of the shooter and camera....

Drive My Car  

By Beck Finley

Metrics, strategy, demographics. Marketing isn't an exact science, but the research and testing that go into it is quickly approaching the scope of one. This research increasingly shows that audiences want a more personalized and interactive approach to marketing....

Integrate Review—ADS Technologies Pyro Professional 

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Synergy requires that a whole be greater than the simple sum of its parts. To create the Pyro Professional bundle, ADS Technologies took one part hardware (one of the most popular IEEE 1394 boards on the market), added three parts software (the best of Adobe's audio/video applications), and the result is an effective, professional production package for the PC....

Edit Review — Leitch dpsVelocityQ 8.2 

By Steve Mullen

Over the past few years all eyes have been on the battle between Avid and Apple as the two companies have increased the ability of Xpress DV and Final Cut Pro to support realtime effects using only PC and Mac CPUs. I've watched this battle with a jaundiced eye because I've been editing in realtime with Canopus for almost five years. In fact, CPU-based realtime effects for SD footage are now so common that we just expect it....

Beyond Photoshop 

By Frank McMahon

Adobe Photoshop has proven to be an indispensable tool for media artists around the globe, and it's in so many toolboxes of video producers that it is easy to take its power for granted. A lot of this power is unleashed through plug-ins, and while you may be familiar with plug-ins......

Integrate Review — Adobe Encore DVD 1.0 

By Frank McMahon

There were numerous high-and low-end DVD authoring offerings available for several months before Adobe Encore DVD debuted, but the product does not seem to be playing catch-up as a shaky first version....

Alternative Methods 

By Steve Mullen

At last winter's DV Expo in New York City, I attended a DVD Studio Pro 1.0 micro-training session given by Apple. After an hour, most of us had a working button or two. At that point, I decided two things: DVD Studio Pro 1.0 did not fit my concept of an Apple product, and I wanted a widescreen iMac like the one I used at the session....

Edit Review — Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 

By Frank McMahon

Ulead introduces a new version of its flagship desktop editing system suite, injecting lots of realtime features and DVD integration. The company's playing catch-up a bit, as competing programs such as Adobe Premiere have been featuring realtime effects in some form or another for a while now. Still, Media Studio Pro 7 has a few tricks up its sleeve that many of the other programs don't....

Adobe Arrives at DVD 

By Jeff Sauer

When Apple steamed into DVD authoring two years ago with DVD Studio Pro and the capable yet consumer-oriented iDVD, it immediately expanded DVD creation to a new rush of media pioneers and quickly gave increased legitimacy to delivery on DVD....

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