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Integrate Review — Apple iLife '04 

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

In 2002, when I first heard that Apple was releasing iLife, a series of four programs, for only $49, I thought the company was nuts. But now Apple has......

Integrate Review — Sonic DVDit! version 5 

By Jeff Sauer

If there's one DVD creation application that turned the tide of authoring from daunting to drag-and-drop simplicity, and from exclusivity to something...

Edit Review — Adobe Video Collection 2.5 

By Frank McMahon

Above are some of the 250 new text animation presets that ship with After Effects 6.5 in the new version of the Adobe Video Collection. Adobe introduces...

Profiles and Levels 

By Steve Mullen

In a simpler time (about a year ago), when video professionals talked about inter-frame compression, we were most likely discussing the MPEG-2 compression......

Integrate Review — Canopus ProCoder 2 

By Jeff Sauer

When ProCoder made its debut a couple of years ago, Canopus billed it as something of a better mousetrap than the venerable media compression tool Cleaner....

Shoot Review —
DPS Que!007

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

I walked into the office of a potential client, flipped open my case, and pulled out a flat 5in. LCD and the small DVD player and burner. I hooked it......

Compression Refresher 

By Steve Mullen

At a recent NAB, Sony proclaimed it was an MPEG-2 World. Perhaps Sony was a bit early. ...

MPEG-2 Encoder Shootout 

By Barry Braverman

Look, fellow shooters, let's talk straight. Distribution on VHS is dead. ...

Integrate Review — Ulead DVD Workshop 2 

By Jeff Sauer

I suppose I shouldn't be shocked to see the price of a video product go up. Prices of just about everything in our lives go up all the time. ...

Edit Review — Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro 

By Steve Mullen

Only a few years ago, a realtime NLE system required hardware to execute the effects....

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