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HD to DVD 

By Steve Mullen

As I surf sites that cover HD and HDV production, I keep encountering the same question: How to I get HD to an NTSC DVD? Now that Sony has introduced...

High-Resolution DV 

By Steve Mullen

The Sony HVR-Z1 and HDR-FX1 might be the most elegant camcorders ever designed. Other than the XLR connectors on the Z1, sold by the Broadcast & Professional...

Craft and Psychology 

By Barry Braverman

When it comes to outputting our finely crafted images to DVD, today's shooter faces enormous opportunity and risk. Increasingly sophisticated tools like...

Edit Integrate Review — Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite 

By Jeff Sauer

Sorenson's reputation for excellent video compression, including implementations of MPEG-4 and Macromedia Flash, has carried its Squeeze Compression Suite...

Integrate Review —
Apple DVD Studio Pro 3

By Frank McMahon

I wish Apple made Windows products. Seriously, DVD Studio Pro 3 is such a sweet suite that it hardly seems fair that Apple users have all the fun....

The HDV Sweet Spot 

By Steve Mullen

Last month we examined situations that may arise when the second wave of HDV equipment arrives. The coming 1080i camcorders, in particular those from...

Edit Review — MainConcept MPEG Pro 

By Steve Mullen

I've been using Adobe Premiere since the summer of 1992 to edit many different video formats. These include Motion JPEG, DV25, DV50, and uncompressed...

Integrate Review — Canopus ADVC300 

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Canopus has been around since the early 1980s and has made its name producing reliable video editing and processing solutions for the PC. It is one of...

Edit Review — Sony Vegas 5.0 

By Steve Mullen

In the spring of 2003 when folks began trying to edit HDV, someone made a great discovery. If they used the i.LINK capture application bundled with the...

Multi-faceted Compression 

By Jeff Sauer

Format wars may make for good copy in the press, but users tend to hate them. Mostly, they lead to confusion and awkward choices, and typical users would...

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