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Format Wars: HDV Output, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

This article describes the hardware and software options for authoring and producing Blu-ray Discs to recordable media. In our last installment, I discussed these options for HD DVD videos, and compared Blu-ray to HD DVD from the perspective of the HDV producer...

Format Wars: HDV Output, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

I’ve been shooting in HDV for about two years, and it used to break my heart to scale my gorgeous 1920x1080i footage down to 720x480 to produce an SD DVD. Then, in late 2006, the first high-definition recordable DVD options became available. I’ve been producing in high definition ever since...

Edit Expertise: Test Drive: LaCie d2  

By Jan Ozer

The arrival of Adobe Encore CS3 and its Blu-ray authoring capabilities will create a lot of interest in Blu-ray authoring. To produce Blu-ray Discs, of...

Shoot Expertise: First Look: XDCAM EX  

By D. W. Leitner

With Sony set to introduce a new round of HDV camcorders (the low-cost HVR-HD1000 has debuted at IBC) and with 1/2in. XDCAM HD disc camcorders gaining ground with broadcasters (2/3in. XDCAM HD disc camcorders are set to appear early next year) why would Sony introduce its first flash-memory camcorder now?...

The Video Horizon 

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Look up in the sky. It's a spacecraft; it's an astronaut--it's a videographer? It's all three. As NASA continues to explore space and build the International...

Edit Expertise: HD Deliverables  

By Jan Ozer

Since I starting shooting HDV back in 2005, I've yearned for an easy technique to deliver high-definition footage to the living room. I created my first...

Edit Review: Adobe Flash CS3 Professional  

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

For media artists, there is little middle ground with Adobe Flash usually you either know it or you don't. Unlike a program such as Adobe Illustrator,...

Review: Apple Final Cut Studio 2  

By D. W. Leitner

Let's Hope Apple Never Becomes an Ordinary company. Few companies set out, after all, to smash the dystopian future as famously depicted in Apple's defiant...

Edit Review: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3  

Reviewer: Jan Ozer

For many markets, Adobe Premiere Pro is the dominant video editor on the Windows platform. With version CS3, Adobe is not only providing a new release...

Edit Review: Grass Valley ProCoder 3  

Reviewer: Jan Ozer

With input/output support for the Grass Valley Canopus HQ and DV codecs, plus the ability to function as an export plug-in for Grass Valley's Edius Pro...

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