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Dream Job: Higher Calling  

By Kristinha M. Anding

Brendon Petty is religious about his work. A preacher's kid with a history of both church involvement and video production, editing, and broadcast experience,...

Test Drive: MacBook Pro vs. Mac Pro, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

Just to get you up to speed, let’s review. This article attempts to contrast and compare the video editing experience on an Apple MacBook Pro notebook computer and dual-processor, dual-core Mac Pro desktop. In the last installment, I detailed each computer’s specs, discussed the difference in screen size and disk capacity and the like...

Test Drive: MacBook Pro vs. Mac Pro, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

Although I’m more technology geek than journalist, I love a good scoop just as much as they do at The Washington Post or The New York Times. Sometimes, however, you pick a subject, do your research, and dog does, in fact, bite man and Goliath beats David in an early first-round knockout...

JVC GZ-HD7: World’s First 1920x1080 MPEG-2 Camcorder, Part 2 

By Steve Mullen

In Part 2 of this series, we will look at JVC GZ-HD7 workflows starting with an issue shared by both fixed hard disk and solid-state camcorders. This is the danger of losing material one has shot...

Dream Job: Homecoming  

By Kristinha M. Anding

Leslie Ito ventured out into the world of arts management, working with organizations as renowned as the Forbes Foundation, but she eventually found her...

Edit Expertise: HD Deliverables  

By Jan Ozer

Since I starting shooting HDV back in 2005, I've yearned for an easy technique to deliver high-definition footage to the living room. I created my first...

Edit Review: Adobe After Effects CS3  

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

After Effects (AE) joins Adobe Creative Suite 3 with this new revision essentially version 8.0. As usual, new features and improvements abound, and we'll...

Edit Review: Adobe Flash CS3 Professional  

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

For media artists, there is little middle ground with Adobe Flash usually you either know it or you don't. Unlike a program such as Adobe Illustrator,...

Edit Review: Lexicon Omega  

Reviewer: Tom Patrick McAuliffe

The emergence of surround sound and stereo has made high-quality audio-for-video production eminently important. One option for video pros looking to...

Review: Apple Final Cut Studio 2  

By D. W. Leitner

Let's Hope Apple Never Becomes an Ordinary company. Few companies set out, after all, to smash the dystopian future as famously depicted in Apple's defiant...

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