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NAB 2006 

By Barry Braverman, S. D. Katz, D. W. Leitner, Steve Mullen, Dan Ochiva, Jan Ozer, and Jeff Sauer

When the final history of NAB 2006 is written, don't be surprised if it ends up sounding like the tale of the blind man and the elephant: Depending upon...

Olympian Storage 

By Michael Goldman

Bill Lorenz, project manager for NBC's editing facilities at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy, worked his fifth Olympics this year...

Mark In 

While some might think CPU development hit a new plateau with the recent introduction of dual-core processors, don't tell that to AMD and Intel. Both...

Networked Storage 

By Jay Ankeney

A wise man once said that data out of context is chaos; data within context is information; information given purpose is wisdom; and wisdom shared is intelligence. Yet while stored intelligence can lead to productivity...

Visual History 

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Historical organizations fight to preserve firsthand stories of the past using video and archiving technologies. Survivors of the Nazi death camps of World War II relate their journeys as tears slowly roll down their faces. Oral histories of the ancient hula dance and Hawaiian culture are handed down from elders to today's children. ...

Apple Xsan and ADIC StorNext 

By Rich Shurtliff and Sang-Jin Bae
Curious Pictures

Curious Pictures recently took on a new TV production series for Disney and needed to overhaul its IT infrastructure to keep up with the demanding production schedule. Our production pipeline is built to create, produce, and deliver a TV production series on a weekly basis. Our production team works on at least 10 episodes for a Disney TV series at any one time, with one to air each week. We rely on our data pipeline......

NAB 2005 

By Jeff Sauer and Bob Turner, with Dan Ochiva

You couldn't see it from the new monorail that zipped up to the side of the Las Vegas Convention Center. You could sense something, however, from the surge of eager tire-kickers that swarmed up to the show doors on the first day....

Edit Integrate Review —
Sony DVDirect

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Big surprises come in small packages. That's certainly true of Sony's new DVDirect VRD-VC10 DVD recorder. This innovative DVD burner offers standalone, realtime DVD recording and computer-attached burning in one small unit. DVDirect also supports nearly every DVD format on the market today, including DVD+R and DVD+RW. It burns to DVD-R, DVD-RW, and 8.5GB dual-layer DVD+R when it's attached to a PC....

Workgroup Storage Solutions 

By Bob Turner

Shared storage may finally be ready to be considered for the majority of postproduction facilities whether the single operator boutique or the multiple-suite facility....

Shoot Review —
Focus Enhancements FireStore DR-DV5000

By Barry Braverman

As a shooter you know all too well that it's your camera's weak spot. Its appetite for battery power can be voracious, often requiring you to cart a case...

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