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DAM: Putting an End to Editing Nightmares 

By George Grippo, VP OF Media and Video Asset Management at North Plains Systems

The shift to digital shooting has increased the amount of content available by orders of magnitude in recent years. Videographers used to spend more time...

Edit Expertise: Storage Savings 

By Dan Ochiva

Workaday products such as disk arrays for video editing, or related technology such as codec cards, are as integral to video production as new HD cameras...

Digital Content Producer's The Briefing Room  

Canon's XH G1 HD Camcorder Chosen by Varuna Entertainment to Shoot Two New Challenging Reality Series for Major Cable Networks Inspired storytelling,...

Is the Cloud for You? 

By Dan Ochiva

Will you be investing in cloud storage in 2009? This new trend of using the Internet for storage could save you money even as the economy turns down...

Vanguard Awards 2008 

By Trevor Boyer

When they consider the tools they use daily, professional video producers notice that their software tends to get more expansive and more complicated...

Creative Fire  

By Craig Erpelding

In 1871, when the Great Fire burned Chicago to the ground, up rose the second city. The descriptor is still used today most famously by Chicago's native-born...

Beta Sight: Avid and Red Digital Cinema 

By Igor Ridanovic
Kappa Studios

Brand allegiances play a major role in postproduction decision making, but clients are also increasingly looking past the logos and choosing equipment that can perform quickly and on budget...

Beta Sight: Front Porch Digital DIVArchive and DIVAnet  

By Hugh Selway
Broadcast Operations Manager, EchoStar

EchoStar and its subsidiaries deliver direct broadcast satellite (DBS) television content and services to more than 13 million subscribers nationwide...

Q&A with Cinematographer Dan Parsons 

By Craig Erpelding

Cinematographer Dan Parsons recently shot five shorts for the Global Short Film Network (GSFN): If God Had Wanted Us to Fly He Would Have Given Us Wings,...

Better Production Ideas 

By Dan Ochiva

It's that time of the year again when companies begin flooding the airwaves with items designed to draw out your credit card for holiday spending. While...

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