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NAB Post|Production World Conference 2005

Mar 16, 2005 4:32 PM, By Stephen Porter

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More Sessions for Post-Production Pros at NAB2005

When the NAB Post|Production World Conference made its inaugural debut at NAB2004 last year, it launched with a line-up of 160 sessions, enough for the conference to claim the title of being the largest post-production educational conference in the world. This year, the conference will be able to take that claim to new heights as the number of sessions has ballooned by nearly 50%. Attendees to this year's conference will be able to...



Set Your Designs in Motion with AE

It’s hard to imagine anybody who gets more excited about motion graphics and visual effects than Jayse Hansen. An award-winning motion graphics designer who’s also taught classes and created...

Masters of DV Production

While many of the sessions at the NAB Post|Production World Conference are geared at enhancing an attendee’s expertise with a specific software program, the 19 sessions in the...

Tech Chair Bios Read more about the NAB Post|Production Tech Chairs

Session Schedule
Check out this year's NAB Post|Production World sessions

Click here for a PDF of the entire supplement.

Click here to learn more about the NAB Post|Production World Conference.


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