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BlogLive@Sundance 2008 Podcast: Kicking It Director Susan Koch

Jan 20, 2008 12:00 PM

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Sundance 2008: Kicking It director Susan Koch

Kicking It Director Susan Koch

What do a junkie from Dublin, a bank robber from Spain, and war refugee from Afghanistan all have in common? They all competed in the Homeless World Cup, and documentary filmmaker Susan Koch was there to capture the action in Cape Town, South Africa, for her film Kicking It (which, reportedly, has been picked up by ESPN).

“I was reading a blog from the World Economic Forum almost two years ago, and I came across this item that mentioned the Homeless World Cup,” Koch says. “It was just wild and sounded so offbeat that I was intrigued, and so I started doing a little bit of research, because I like to do stories that are important, that mean something, but I also like to have an entertaining aspect to them. I thought this was great. It combines the most popular sport in the world with a very important issue of homelessness.” To listen to millimeter Contributing Writer Darroch Greer's conversation with Koch, click here

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