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Vince Pace Talks 3D: BlogLive @ NAB Show 2008

Apr 14, 2008 12:00 PM

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Vince Pace talks 3D at NAB 2008

Vince Pace Talks 3D

Michael Goldman chatted a short time ago with 3D pioneer Vince Pace after watching his Fusion 3D presentation of sports-related material in a meeting room in the North Hall, including clips from the recent 3D telecast to a theater in Dallas of a Dallas Mavericks NBA game--the first lengthy satellite broadcast of a 3D originated live event.

Pace took time out of his busy NAB schedule today to chat with Goldman extensively about that project, about the current state of 3D acquisition and display, and where both stereoscopic camera and display systems are heading in the next few years, not to mention the business of 3D. Pace is calling himself an "evangelist" on this topic, and insists the technology hurdles are all well on their way to being solved on both ends of the 3D chain, and therefore, it's now about creating business models that make sense. To do that, he insists content providers like his company need to create imagery of a good enough quality to wow the industry and consumers alike. And, oh yes, Vince is totally tripped out over the work he's doing right now with James Cameron for his upcoming 3D epic, Avatar.

Listen to Goldman's conversation with Vince Pace

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