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BlogLive @ NAB Show 2008 Podcast: 3cP on State of Play

Apr 15, 2008 12:00 PM

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3cP on State of Play

Cinematographer Liz Hinlein gave a presentation Saturday at the Digital Cinema Summit about assisting DP Rodrigo Prieto in color correcting dailies on set using Yuri Neyman's Gamma & Density Company's 3cP software system. Today, she explained to Michael Goldman why she thinks 3cP is so useful for people like Prieto. He first used the system on Babel, and then again most recently on Kevin MacDonald's upcoming film, State of Play, which was shot using a combination of the Panavision Genesis digital camera and 35mm film. The notion of 3cP is to provide a way to precisely preview color on set and communicate decisions about color precisely to colorists and others in the post production and approval chain. It's built around the ASC Color Decision List (CDL), built on "the logic of cinematographers," as Yuri likes to say.

Hinlein insists the approach worked well for Prieto because it helped him communicate his intentions to the colorist in a more direct and less labor intensive way than he would otherwise have to do. But, she emphasizes, using 3cP on set is not exactly the same job a digital imaging technician (she calls them 'DITs') might do on a broadcast style project.

Listen to a portion of their chat today at the Gamma & Density booth

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