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Edit Review — Sony Vegas 6 

By Frank McMahon

With Vegas 6 Sony Media Software continues its tradition of improving features while continually developing a robust software system. If you've never used the Vegas NLE before, it's a little different from some other timeline editors. The interface design was extracted directly from the Acid Pro...

Edit Review — Avid Xpress Pro HD 

By Frank McMahon

As a desktop editor, Avid Xpress Pro HD has a rich background and each new version improves on an already impressive feature set. One of the best features...

Edit Review — Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro 6 

By Frank McMahon

Pinnacle's Liquid Edition has blossomed into a very handy suite of software. You can now import just about anything into it...

NAB 2005 

By Trevor Boyer, Dan Ochiva, Steve Mullen, and Bob Turner

Expect to be surprised. And potentially confused. Part of the drama of NAB 2005 will come from the introduction of new technologies such as HDV, which will be a major source of interest—and questions—at the show....

Scaling Down CMOS 

By D. W. Leitner

What were the odds of an entirely new, pro-quality, 1080i HDV Handycam coming from Sony, right on the heels of the company's groundbreaking HVR-Z1U? Who would have imagined a single-chip CMOS design? ...

The ProHD Approach  

By Steve Mullen

At NAB 2005, JVC introduced its new HDV camcorder, the GY-HD100. This camcorder records to videotape in the HDV format, yet it is described as a ProHD product. ProHD is not a format unto itself ...

Shoot Review —
Sony HVR-Z1

By Steve Mullen

The HVR-Z1, sold by Sony's Broadcast & Professional Systems division, is fundamentally the same as the HDR-FX1, sold by the consumer division. However,...

DeckLink Deconstructed 

By Steve Mullen

Australia's Blackmagic Design has been leading the way to all-digital video production by delivering low-cost SDI and HD-SDI input/output boards for PCs...

Sony's HDV Debut 

By Steve Mullen

It had been a long, quiet summer on the HDV front. Then, a few days before the opening of IBC 2004 in Amsterdam, came Sony's HDV cam-corder announcement....

Edit Review — MainConcept MPEG Pro 

By Steve Mullen

I've been using Adobe Premiere since the summer of 1992 to edit many different video formats. These include Motion JPEG, DV25, DV50, and uncompressed...

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