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Much more about 720p24 HDV, Part 2 

In the last Newsletter, we calculated that 720p24 HDV has an effective 46.8Mbps data rate vs. the 36.9Mbps rate of 720p24 DVCPRO HD. ...

Just what is 1080i? Part 4 

In the last Newsletter, I promised to explain why 48-percent of current HDTVs cannot display more than 540-lines of 1080i video. This startling fact was revealed by Gary Merson’s tests on 54 current 2005 model “HD resolution” HDTVs of all types (Home Theater, March 2006)....

HD Olympians 

Michael Goldman

The recently completed Torino Winter Olympics featured several improvements to NBC’s method of producing and broadcasting major sporting events in high definition...

Super Wireless HD 

Michael Goldman

This year’s Super Bowl XL in Detroit was not the first Super Bowl to be shot using an all-HD acquisition methodology, but it was the biggest and most sophisticated HD attempt so far. Mobile production company NEP Broadcasting of Pittsburgh handled the game’s on-site broadcast needs once again this year for ABC.......

HD Previewing 

By Michael Goldman

Veteran editor Billy Fox recently paused while cutting Craig Brewer’s upcoming Paramount film Black Snake Moan to tell Millimeter about his joy at jumping on the HD dailies...

HD ENG Takes Flight 

By Michael Goldman

Back in 2004, in the early days of an initiative to upgrade their station's technical capabilities for HD, officials at KUSA in Denver decided to configure the station's news helicopter for aerial image capture in 1080i HD. At the time, of course, this presented a host of complications because the station had no template to follow — there were no fully HD-capable news helicopters operating at any TV station back then. KUSA not only had to outfit a flying......

HD: Close to ‘Firmly Accepted’ 

Michael Goldman

Thomas Fletcher, VP of marketing for rental/sales giant Fletcher Chicago, spent much of his time during the holidays compiling his third annual “High Definition: A Year in Review” report for 2005. The report lists major HD and HD-related developments in the broadcast, commercial, production, and feature film worlds....

From Dailies to DIs 

By Michael Goldman

Walter Murch’s HD View 

By Michael Goldman

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