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Edit Review: Red Giant Instant HD 1.0  

Reviewer: S.D. Katz

We have all upscaled images in Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Combustion, or other image editors, so we expect enlarging PAL or NTSC footage to HD to produce...

God in HD   

By Cynthia Wisehart

As church leaders understand the expanding role of AV in their ministries, they accumulate a list of skills from event producer to ENG newsgather to niche...

Going Tapeless   

By Michael Goldman

Director David Fincher insists he has deleted videotape from his professional life for good. I've hated tape for a long time all the nonsense that comes...

HD Religion 

By Cynthia Wisehart

After all the so-called religious battles over film vs. HD (to borrow a quote from Larry Thorpe (or was that Oscar Wilde?), it seems appropriate to see...

Digital Vision  

By Michael Goldman

Filming Miami Vice for director Michael Mann would have been difficult even under the best of circum-stances. After all, the crew was charged with capturing...

Long-distance Relationship 

By Michael Goldman

Veterans of long-distance collaboration adventures for editing and general postproduction on major projects in recent years emphasize that the umbrella...

Field Testing Embryonic HD Tools 

By Craig Erpelding

Members of the production team from the independent movie Spoon feel they are not only witnessing an evolution, but also participating in it. That team was, at press time, the only group of filmmakers in the world shooting...

HDV editing using Avid’s Liquid 7.1, Part 2 

Steve Mullen

In the last installment, I asked “What would it mean to your HDV editing workflow if you could insert multiple video formats into a Timeline?” We then began to examine this question by looking at Avid’s Liquid 7.1. I remarked that I created two HDV sequences using Liquid....

Dalsa/Codex Workflow 

By Michael Goldman

Curtis Clark, ASC, had been planning to make a 30-second spec commercial for Michelob anyway...

HDV Editing Using Avid’s Liquid 7.1, Part 1 

By Steve Mullen

What would it mean to your HDV editing workflow if you could insert multiple video formats into a Timeline?...

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