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CES 2010: Stereoscopic's Coming-Out Party 

By Trevor Boyer

Technologically speaking, the new decade is getting off to a considerable bang with CES 2010. As you probably know, stereoscopic 3D is, as was long expected, the big, sexy story of the show...

Microsoft Windows 7 Test Drive, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

Last issue, I wrote about my experience installing Microsoft Windows 7 on a Windows XP 64-bit system. In this issue, I’ll compare the rendering performance of Windows 7 with that of Windows Vista...

Microsoft Windows 7 Test Drive, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

It's time to look at Microsoft Windows 7, which I'm doing in two phases. First, I'll upgrade an existing Windows XP installation and detail the experience and my first impression of Windows 7...

Sony PDW-F800 Review 

By D.W. Leitner

Sony announced its latest CineAlta shoulder-mounted 2/3in. camcorder, the PDW-F800 ($42,700, no viewfinder), last April at NAB, little more than a year after the PDW-700 was introduced, and production models are now available...

Leitner's Cinematography Corner, No. 3 

By D.W. Leitner

Exhibit B: the new PMW-350, a groundbreaking 2/3in. shoulder-mount EX-series camcorder that records to solid-state SxS cards...

Optimizing Encoding Performance with Apple Final Cut Pro, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

We've had a fun time so far with this column, digging inside an Apple Mac Pro to install a Blu-ray recorder and benchmarking Snow Leopard...

Wireless Fan-cam Operation in the Sports and Entertainment Market 

By Anthony Sangiovanni, vice president, Sports & Entertainment Group, RF Extreme

Wireless cameras are not new to the market, but improvements to the technology behind them are rapidly changing the way they are being deployed, especially in the sports market...

Panasonic AG-HMC40 Review 

By Barry Braverman

From the outside, the Panasonic AG-HMC40 may seem to be just the latest budget entry in Panasonic's AVCCAM lineup, but don't be fooled. It offers remarkable bang for the buck...

Apple Mac Pro vs. MacBook Pro Test Drive, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

Month after month, one of the most widely researched topics on the millimeter site is the performance difference between an Apple Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. Given that I have brand-new models of both computers in my office, it felt like it was time to revisit the issue...

Format Wars 

By Michael Goldman

To Dean Devlin, it’s all straightforward: Episodic TV production not only should move toward all-digital production and acquisition, it must and it shall...

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