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Shoot Review — Canon XL H1 

By D. W. Leitner

Of the first crop of professionalized HDV camcorders with 1/3in. sensors, only the latest, Canon's XL H1, can claim to have been created by a lens manufacturer. This is a meaningful distinction. With fixed-lens HDV camcorders retailing for less than $5,000 ...

Shoot Review — LitePanels IR and Mini 50  

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

When you ask award-winning professional filmmakers and video creators what separates the great presentation from the merely OK, one of the most popular...

No-Point Lighting 

By Bill Miller

Anyone who's ever shot a frame of video is probably familiar with three-point lighting. You know, key light, fill light, back light. But what about no-point...

Shoot Review — JVC GY-HD100 

By Steve Mullen

It is a decades-old dream of many filmmakers and videographers to use a camcorder to shoot progressive (24p or 25p), high-definition video that can be...

Apartment + Musician + Laptop + HD Camera = Music Video  

By Lee Rickwood

In the video production world, tales of music videos and other projects shot with ultra-low-budgets in some guy's apartment, using borrowed equipment, and edited using off-the-shelf software — aren't exactly new. Such stories might even make you might shrug your shoulders and politely stifle a yawn....

Fade to Black:
Phedon Papamichael, Cinematographer

By Michael Goldman

Following his success shooting Sideways for Alexander Payne in 2004, Greek cinematographer Phedon Papamichael...

Road Editor 

By Michael Goldman

Author and filmmaker Ian Halperin shot his latest documentary, His Highness Hollywood, a film about the plight of struggling actors, using a Sony PD150...

Check Your Meter 

By Bill Miller

The intern stared at me incredulously with owlish eyes as I pulled the light meter from its holster on my belt. Though she remained silent, she seemed...

After the Storm 

By Cody Holt

Like so many people on Mississippi's Gulf Coast, Tanya Roloff slept in a car the night of August 31, 2005, less than 72 hours after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Southern United States, leaving more than 1,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands without food...

Cooking with HDV 

By Michael Goldman and Cynthia Wisehart

Producer Steve Kirsh had always thought that a cooking entertainment product like his Good Cooking: The New Basics belonged on television, supplemented by DVD sales. But after meeting up with Steve Michelson, president and executive producer of Lobitos Creek Ranch, he flipped the equation....

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