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Focus On Affordable HD: A Kick, Push  

By Craig Erpelding

Roughly 10 years ago, Christopher Adams and Hana McDowell set out to send a shockwave throughout Chicago's production facilities when they founded Impakt...

Focus On Affordable HD: JVC GY-HD250  

By Steve Mullen

Shooting 60p has two unique advantages. First, it captures high-speed motion far better than 60i because it lacks interlace artifacts. That makes 60p...

Digital Sundance 

By Cynthia Wisehart

In 2003, Dutch director Theo Van Gogh and his frequent collaborator, cinematographer Thomas Kist, made one of their last films together with three Sony...

Filming the The War Tapes 

By Darroch Greer

The War Tapes is the first war movie shot by soldiers themselves. Unlike documentary footage shot by George Stevens and John Huston, who were attached as filmmakers to the U.S. Signal Corps during World War II...

Focusing in HD 

By Craig Erpelding

National Geographic Magazine recently chronicled the activities of World Conservation Society biologist Mike Fay, an individual who many are crediting with helping save a chunk of West African rainforest roughly the size of Colorado in the equatorial nation of Gabon....

Shoot Review: Anton Bauer Elipz  

Reviewer: Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Video cameras have gotten more versatile and a lot smarter, but sometimes manufacturers forget the little things. Couldn't your shooting be more comfortable...

Shoot Expertise: Sound Check  

By Jan Ozer

Most videographers know how to choose and use external microphones to maximize the audio quality of their shoots. Although there's some crossover in technologies...

Shoot Review: Adobe DV Rack 2  

Reviewer: S.D. Katz

When I started this review, Adobe had not yet purchased Serious Magic. The acquisition makes sense: Serious Magic is that rare company that has defined...

American Spirits 

By Kristinha M. Anding

Angelique Midthunder knows she's fortunate. The Sante Fe, N.M.-based documentarian has been able to concentrate her career on her passions: representing...

Hands-on XDCAM HD  

By Barry Braverman

In November 2006, I embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to northern India to shoot second unit and behind-the-scenes for Wes Anderson's new movie, The Darjeeling Limited...

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