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Early Adopter  

By Michael Goldman

One the first Arriflex D-20 projects expected to hit the big screen is also the first movie ever produced, financed, and made in the nation of Jordan. GigaPix Studios (Chatsworth, Calif.) co-produced the Sundance-bound Captain Abu Raed, directed by Jordanian writer-director Amin Matalqa...

Keeping it Green 

By Cynthia Wisehart

Tad Fettig met Karena Albers on a deodorant shoot in Hawaii. Both were veterans of the advertising world Fettig as a commercial cinematographer specializing...

Internet Converts  

By Trevor Boyer

Dutch-born filmmaker Helmut Schleppi seems to have two skills that are highly complementary: capturing unique content and finding an audience for it....

Dream Job: At the Crossroads 

By Kristinha M. Anding

As an Indian-born American, Sejal Patel has found the intersection of culture, community, and identity to be at the forefront of her life and artistic...

Shoot Expertise: Hands-on HPX 

By D. W. Leitner

This year's NAB saw the launch of two new full-size P2 HD progressive-scan 2/3in. camcorders from Panasonic: a four-slot AG-HPX500 and a five-slot AJ-HPX3000....

Beta Sight: Easylook System Modula HD Cam 

By Alexander Palm, Director of Photography and Operating Cameraman

When I was asked to be the DP for the new low-budget commercial for cooktop manufacturer Ceran, which would be mostly shown on the Internet, it was obvious...

Aiming High  

By Cynthia Wisehart

Preproduction was done in secret, because parkour is barely legal. The filmmakers were as elusive as the athletes one step ahead of anybody in authority...

Dream Job: Call of the Drum  

By Kristinha M. Anding

Jeremy Chevrier says the djembe of Western Africa is called the unity drum because the sound of the drum, played at weddings and other ceremonies, brings...

Aerial HD 

By Michael Goldman

Earlier this year, filmmaker Brian J. Terwilliger earned attention for his independent HD feature called “One Six Right: The Romance of Flying”—a tribute to the Van Nuys, Calif., municipal airport and the art of small plane aviation. ...

Roll and Judder:
Keeping Widescreen on the Level

By Steve Mullen

Shooting widescreen video with a handheld camcorder is made more difficult by their side-of-the-camera grips. In the old days, all but the cheapest film cameras had some type of “pistol grip.”...

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