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Schneider Century 5-Filter Kit with 4in. filter holder

Mar 31, 2010 12:00 PM, By Dan Ochiva

Flexible filter kit for compact camcorders.

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Schneider Century 5-Filter Kit with 4in. filter holder

Holder attaches to the lens via an interchangeable adapter ring. Price: $649

Adding filters to your camera has been in traditional method to control the quality and type of light you're recording while in the field. Today's smaller camcorders, however, don't usually have much selection available. For the most part, the only alternative is to add a matte box, but that works against the idea of a small compact camcorder in the first place. A good matte box isn't cheap, either.

Schneider Optics offers one solution with its Century 5-Filter Kit with 4in. filter holder. Working together with Lee Filters, Schneider's new 4in. holder is price-competitive with less flexible filter-holder setups on a round camera lens. Meanwhile, you gain access to the huge market for square filters without the need for a bulky matte box system.

The filter holder attaches via an adapter ring which screws onto the threads at the lens front. Once the ring is secured to the camera lens, the holder clips into place and offers a smooth, quick-release spring-loaded mechanism. The holder can be rotated to any angle, which is necessary when you're using polarizing filters.

The kit bundles five filters housed in a lightweight, multicompartment padded case with a belt loop. Among the filters are the Neutral Density (ND) .6 Solid filter (reduces transmission by 75 percent); ND .6 Soft Edge Graduated (surface is 50 percent clear and 50 percent with a neutral density of 0.6 or 2 stops); and the Circular Polarizer (reduces glare and unwanted reflections, saturates colors, deepens blue skies, improves contrast, and penetrates haze).

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