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Perfect Pitch 

By Beck Finley

Promoting music in retail stores can be a challenge that calls for more than playing new releases over a sound system. For HMV's Oxford Street store, ...


By S.D. Katz

Apple wants to take over your workspace. The 30in. Cinema Display, introduced at the end of 2004, is the follow-up to its extremely popular 23in. monitor ...

Picture This: Pocket Projection 

By Jeff Sauer

Wallet, car keys, cell phone, date book, black book, itinerary, airplane tickets, theater tickets, parking tickets, parking stubs, parking pass, bus pass,...

Highest HD spec--1080p--highlights complexity of display choice 

For many corporate AV users, and the content creators who support them, the choice among today’s unprecedented array of display tools goes hand in hand with a commitment to a specific level of image resolution. Increasingly, 1080p video resolution (a progressive-scanned image of 1080 vertical lines) is seen as the final destination in the years-long evolution of digital video and television. “1080p is the highest spec of HD, and eventually people are going to want it,” says Steve Sechrist of Insight Media. People already considering buying systems that support 720p display will often think, “Why not spend a few more dollars and be ready for 1080p when it arrives?” Sechrist says ...

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