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What to Know about the Move to LCD Monitors 

Gary Mandle Senior Product Manager, Display Systems, Sony Electronics

The D-Cinema Horizon:
The DCI Workflow in the Real World

By Darroch Greer

On July 27, 2005, the Digital Cinema Initiatives group announced its final system requirements and specifications for digital cinema. Formed in March 2002, DCI is a limited liability partnership of the seven major Hollywood studios...

Leveraging IP Networks 

By Jeff Sauer

It's pretty basic stuff to send video from one side of a room to the other or from one room...

Display Review — Panasonic PT-LB30U 

By Jeff Sauer

If you were to imagine a 3000-lumen projector, what would it be like? Would it be a luggable desktop model that weighs about 9-10lbs.? Or would it be...

Multimedia Presentations Bring Lincoln to Life 

For decades, more than 47,000 original documents and artifacts related to the life and times of Abraham Lincoln were housed underneath the Old State Capitol in downtown Springfield, Ill., where they were inaccessible to all but a few researchers and scholars. With the completion of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in 2005, the general public can now view many of these items for the first time. In addition, multimedia presentations, seminars, web casts, and satellite broadcasts can be made from the Lincoln Presidential Library to students and other participants all over the world....

Projectors at InfoComm 

By Jeff Sauer

When was the last time a new projector model really grabbed your attention? If you were at InfoComm 2005, the answer may have been this past June in Las Vegas. As always, projector manufacturers tried to outperform and out-value each other...

Florida Marine Simulator Center Goes Digital 

Since the Exxon Valdez oil spill catastrophe in March of 1989, interest and funding for marine simulators has grown tremendously. Using sophisticated Image Generators (IG) that provide highly realistic computer graphics, marine simulators enable virtual navigational training for ship captains and crew on a wide variety of vessels and nautical environments. The RTM Star Center in Dania Beach, Fla., is a leading training center for professional mariners and a home to two highly advanced marine simulators. In early 2004, Star Center awarded Electric Picture Display Systems, a high-tech simulation integration company based in Rockledge, Fla., the task of giving its simulators a technology upgrade....

Baltimore Ravens Outfit New Training Facility with Panasonic Plasma Displays 

Among the distinctive features of the new $31 million training facility the NFL's Baltimore Ravens built last fall in Owings Mills, Md., were 100 high-contrast Panasonic widescreen plasma displays, including 50in., 42in., and 37in. models. Until last October, the Ravens—the 2000 Super Bowl champions—had trained at the old Colts facility, which featured much more rudimentary AV capabilities. In the new facility, 12 50in., 16:9 HD plasma displays are used in the upper management offices and in the cardio areas of the weight room and players’ lounge. Forty-six 42in. plasmas were installed in coaches' and scouting offices for viewing football footage, in the dining area and waiting areas, and in the edit suite (with a quad-split screen for QC monitoring). Forty-two 37in. plasma displays were placed in general office spaces. ...

The Magic Number 

By Beck Finley

After nine years of staging presentations for CUNA Mutual Group (CMG), a provider of financial services to credit unions and their members worldwide,...

Screens Getting an Image Makeover 

Next time you look up at the ceiling expecting a projection screen to descend, be careful: You might miss the screen rising from the floor. Sometimes it just isn’t practical to hang a screen or mount a powered screen mechanism overhead, notes Andrew Cox, marketing communications specialist at Stewart Filmscreen in Torrance, Calif. Sometimes, he adds, an overhead screen doesn’t mesh with an architect’s vision....

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