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Products: Rorke Data Galaxy Aurora IB

Nov 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Dan Ochiva

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Rorke Data Galaxy Aurora IB

Talking SAS

It was just a matter of time, but it looks like prices are finally dropping on the speediest, highest-capacity storage for 2K and even 4K post. Rorke Data, a company that prides itself on pulling down storage for high-end post to commodity levels, recently launched its Galaxy Aurora IB to take advantage of an improved type of software RAID. It comes from third-party StreamScale, and it enables an aggregate throughput claimed to run more than 1700MBps using SAS drive arrays while sidestepping Fibre Channel's complexities. What's more impressive, the company says that it can deliver a 24TB SAN system at prices that run less than $2 per gigabyte — claimed to be well under the prevailing tariff.

Galaxy Aurora IB, the company's first product to employ InfiniBand for I/O, keeps the price under control by employing Novell's SUSE Linux, an Intel CPU, and the StreamScale innovation, rather than simply attempting to shovel all the data operations via a RAID controller plugged into a “dumb” chassis. This delivers flexibility in price and configuration, since users can now pop just about any I/O card they like into the compact 4RU box — 4Gb or 10Gb Ethernet, for example.

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