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Compressed DI 

By Michael Goldman

O Entertainment of San Clemente, Calif., recently created a new iteration of the project formerly known as Santa Claus Versus the Snowman using Adobe Premiere...

Da Vinci Resolve 

By Lars Palmqvist
Digital Film Lab

In 1998, Digital Film Lab became one of the first postproduction facilities in Europe to introduce the digital intermediate (DI) process for long-format...

Big-Screen Dream 

By Michael Goldman

The documentary My Date with Drew mocks the notion that ultra-low production values will inhibit getting your movie a major theatrical release...

Legato's Laboratory 

By Michael Goldman

Rob Legato ignores the African elephant lumbering past his Ford SUV during the brief ride up a dusty mountain road leading from to Legato wants to get...

FilmLight's Baselight Eight 

By Adam Glasman and Asa Shoul, Framestore CFC

When we demo our DI capabilities to clients particularly people new to this field they're frequently blown away by how much we can do in digital grading....

The Bay Method 

By Michael Goldman

Michael Bay freely admits that he broke a few longstanding rules while making The Island for a new studio, DreamWorks, after years partnering with Jerry Bruckheimer at Disney. Among those rules: Never show an unfinished film to studio executives without an audience present, and never screen parts of the movie for the press before it's finalized. Bay says, however, that, while making the movie, he remained committed to his own creative process. ...

Rodriguez and 3D Post 

By Michael Goldman

Robert Rodriguez says that even as production of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D entered the 11th hour, he decided to make a major change in the postproduction...

Low-budget widescreen 

By Michael Goldman

When director Tom Zuber approached DP Lisa Wiegand to shoot a low-budget (less than $1 million) feature called Little Athens, they first discussed shooting...

NAB 2005 

By D. W. Leitner, Bob Turner, S. D. Katz, Michael Goldman, and Dan Ochiva

Who would have thought that pint-sized camcorders could cause such a stir? You didn't need Sherlock Holmes to find the crowds stuffing the booths that...

Fade to Black:
Janusz Kaminski, Cinematographer

By Michael Goldman

Janusz Kaminski, finally a dad at 45, is managing just fine with his two-week-old (at press time) twins, Bruce and Helena, though he says, "All they want to do is eat and sleep right now." Speaking of which, Helena drains a bottle...

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