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DI at NAB 2006 

By Dan Ochiva

As a concept, DI has moved from the cutting edge to accepted methodology. But with few standards and specifications beyond file formats and output types......

SR Tape DI Alternative 

By Dan Ochiva

With the introduction of Sony's 4:4:4 RGB HDCAM SR recorder in 2003, the take on tape changed it was no longer yesterday's format. The post industry became...

IBC 2006 

By Dan Ochiva

Ready for more? For many traveling to the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC), the annual Amsterdam, Netherlands-based show remains one of the...


By Cynthia Wisehart

This is a story about Mark Cuban, which is why I needed to invent a new word for the title. For our purposes, he is not the Mavericks owner or the blog...

NAB 2006 

By S. D. Katz, D. W. Leitner, Dan Ochiva, and Jan Ozer

Anyone who attended the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention came away with one shared feeling: The industry is doing fine. Whether...

NAB 2006 

By S. D. Katz, D. W. Leitner, and Dan Ochiva

What do you go to NAB for? Of course, the Las Vegas convention traditionally functions as the premiere product launch site for manufacturers large and...

Scan Plan 

By Michael Goldman

When iO Film, Hollywood, took the digital intermediate gig for the upcoming independent film Intellectual Property, the company saw an opportunity to...

MTI Control Dailies 

By Jim Hardy HTV

High Technology Video (HTV) specializes in feature film mastering, high-end standards conversions, duplication for the domestic and international markets...

Dogged Effects 

By Michael Goldman

The visual effects chain for Disney's The Shaggy Dog a remake of the 1959 film about a man who turns into a dog relied heavily on techniques designed...

Data Driven, Part II 

By Michael Goldman

The postproduction industry continues to expand existing digital intermediate pipelines toward larger, seamless data pipelines for image acquisition, viewing, manipulation, transfer, editing, and finishing. In the process, new workflows — and differing opinions about them — are cropping up. As discussed in last month's issue, some major facilities (Efilm, Technicolor Digital Intermediates, and Laser Pacific) have recently instituted competitive new digital dailies services......

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