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Beta Sight: Quantel Pablo 4K with Stereoscopic 3D  

By John Nicolard, FotoKem

The recent upswing in 3D production presented a new set of challenges for FotoKem. We wanted to maintain our level of service...

Step by Step: The Golden Compass  

By Ellen Wolff

A photoreal polar bear wearing elaborate armor is a signature image in director Chris Weitz's fantasy film for New Line Cinema, The Golden Compass (recently...

The Morris Microscope  

By Michael Goldman

In 1997, millimeter Senior Contributing Editor D. W. Leitner respectfully accused director Errol Morris of “transgressing the canons of documentary dogma” while writing about Morris’ then-new documentary Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control...

Monstrous Task 

By Ellen Wolff

The poster for Paramount Pictures' Cloverfield depicts the Statue of Liberty standing headless, following a monster's attack on New York City...

Beta Sight: Avid DS Assist Station  

By Dermot Shane

My Theory is that the Best DI is not Always the One with the $250,000 machines in $1-million rooms (and $4,000-per-day rates)...

Old-Fashioned Filmmaking  

By Michael Goldman

As he releases his dark character study about the rise and fall of a turn-of-the-century oil baron, Director Paul Thomas Anderson proudly touts his strict adherence to traditional filmmaking techniques while making Paramount Vantage's There Will Be Blood ...

Animated Performance  

By Ellen Wolff

"A lot of technology had to be created in advance." This comment from Jerome Chen, the senior visual effects supervisor on Paramount Pictures' Beowulf...

Millimeter Vanguard Awards 2007  

By Trevor Boyer

In attempting to list the most groundbreaking products released in the calendar year 2007, millimeter's editors faced an abundance of choices...

Step By Step: Vantage Point  

By Ellen Wolff

The Rashomon-styled structure of Columbia Pictures' Vantage Point required Director Pete Travis to depict a tumultuous political rally from the points...

Wild Ride 

By Michael Goldman

When Sean Penn's long-held desire to make a movie of Jon Krakauer's novel about iconoclastic adventurer Chris McCandless finally came true, the question...

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