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Step by Step: Hancock  

By Ellen Wolff

Actor Will Smith has joined the ranks of the superheroes this summer with Hancock...

Fade to Black: Jim Morris, Producer 

By Ellen Wolff

Producer Jim Morris vividly remembers his turning point during production of WALL•E, the ninth film and ninth hit of the Pixar/Disney partnership...

Mummy Reboot  

By Michael Goldman

Coming off of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor the biggest, most expensive, and most complicated project of his career director Rob Cohen marvels...

One for the Record Books  

By Michael Goldman

As Speed Racer hit theaters, there was much debate about the reasons for its disappointing first-weekend box office take (only in Hollywood could $18.5...

Edit Review: Strata CX Suite 

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

Strata has created a suite of tools with some very simple missions. One is to make it easy and accessible for producers without prior 3D experience to...

Edit Review: Maxon Cinema 4D R10.5 

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

After 10 revisions, Maxon Cinema 4D has blossomed into nothing less than a state-of-the-art rendering and animation system...

Next-Gen Indy 

By Michael Goldman

The long journey to bring a new chapter of the Indiana Jones saga to the big screen during the last 18 years has been well documented, but the end result...

Step by Step: Anamorph  

By Ellen Wolff

Visual effects can be crucial in depicting a story's key idea, and IFC Films' Anamorph is a case in point...

Production and Post at NAB 2008  

By D. W. Leitner and Dan Ochiva

At this, the final NAB Show of the analog era (the NTSC shut-off is Feb. 17, 2009), issues surrounding the fourth screen took on new urgency, as a simultaneous...

Integrated Team Effort  

By Ellen Wolff

“Collegial” isn't usually the first word that springs to mind when describing the competition for Academy Awards, but in this year's visual-effects category, that...

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