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Speaking of Film 

by Michael Goldman

Millimeter recently surveyed six well-known cinematographers to get their thoughts about key issues, trends, and recent innovations in the world of film-based acquisition for both feature film and television.


Color Theory 

By Debra Kaufman

Color correction is arguably the closest a post house gets to pure art. This makes it a nexus for trends in commercials and music videos. With powerful new tools, the colorist can change the image in ways unimaginable only a few years ago. With that in mind, Millimeter spoke with leading colorists to find out what look is about to go stratospheric, which one is trailing off into the dark, and...

Digital in the Desert 

By Pete Putman

Last fall, George Lucas made a bit of history when he left the 35mm equipment behind and took Sony/Panavision 24p cameras into the Australian desert to shoot Star Wars: Episode II. In this interview, Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum talks about the Australian HD shoot, digital dailies, digital production issues, and the current state of digital cinema....

Thinking in Color: New ideas for 2K and HD Telecine 

Cynthia Wisehart

Right now, the transfer/color process is one of the most dynamic areas of postproduction and has become a touchstone for new business, technical, and...

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