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DI Tech: QuickTime for DI 

By Dan Ochiva

Digital intermediate production garners growing interest; by keeping images in the highest possible resolution for post work, DI helps speed effects and...

da Vinci's 2K Plus 

By Kelly Riemenschneider

As a colorist for Video Post & Transfer, I've been able to experiment and push the envelope with some of the best postproduction tools on the market....

A DI Primer 

By Matt Cowan Loren Nielsen

Digital Intermediate (DI) is a general name that covers a wide range of processes related to the digital postproduction of motion picture films. ...

Indie Intermediates 

By Jon Silberg

Postproduction supervisor David Cook is among those who have discovered that modestly budgeted features can take advantage of the digital intermediate option. To be sure, the DI route is still pricier than going through the traditional optical path, but as more facilities are gearing up to offer the service, costs are starting to come down....


By Michael Goldman

The recent Paramount/MTV Films documentary on rapper Tupac Shakur, Tupac: Resurrection, is believed to be the first wide-release feature film to be digitally mastered using Avid's new DS Nitris system....

DI Down Under 

By Michael Goldman

As the digital intermediate process continues to proliferate in the feature film world, the question arises: How can DI be affordable for smaller-budget, independent movies and the facilities that service them, and also allow those facilities to continue to serve their core commercial and video clients?...

A Pretty Peter Pan 

By Michael Goldman

When director/writer P.J. Hogan's five-year-long obsession with making Universal's Peter Pan into a faithful representation of J.M. Barrie's classic story began, the first problem was how to visually represent the famous storybook world on the big screen in a unique way....

Finishing Cold Mountain 

By Michael Goldman

Director Anthony Minghella decided early in prepa-ration for Cold Mountain that the production and postproduction of the movie would be unorthodox in several respects...

Making Angels 

By Michael Goldman

HBO's epic seven-hour miniseries, Angels in America, is not only unorthodox in terms of its content, but also in terms of how it was made. The show, directed by Mike Nichols and based on two award-winning Tony Kushner plays (Kushner also wrote the teleplay for HBO), is split into two, 3 1/2-hour parts, Millennium Approaches and Perestroika....

Roger Returns 

By Michael Goldman

After a black-and-white, photochemical detour with The Man Who Wasn't There in 2001, cinematographer Roger Deakins steered the Coen brothers back into the digital intermediate suite at EFilm, Hollywood, for consecutive feature films — their recent Universal release Intolerable Cruelty and the upcoming The Ladykillers (a Buena Vista 2004 release)....

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