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Cinematic Sluggers 

By Michael Goldman

"There have been some great fight films, and I wasn't sure I wanted to take that on," says Ron Howard of his hesitation to direct Cinderella Man. "I found it daunting to face the challenge of trying to present boxing in a more compelling fashion than has been done in the past." A conversation with actor Russell Crowe, who stars in the film as the Depression-era fighter, James J. Braddock, however, convinced Howard to take up the challenge. ...

Making Sahara Glow 

By Michael Goldman

Paramount's Sahara, directed by Breck Eisner and starring Matthew McConaughey, is an old-fashioned adventure thriller in which heroic characters, lost and desperate under a brutal desert sun, manage to maintain ...

Tools for FX and DI 

By Robert Nederhorst, Digital Domain
By Michael Cioni, PlasterCITY Digital Post

Iridas: Making Effects Work Quick and Easy to Check Back in 2000, you couldn't find an app to do any type of professional, uncompressed frame playback...

Cinematic Aspirations 

By Bob Turner

In last month's issue, I said I believed that HDV (and other compressed HD technologies) will make 2005 the year of digital filmmaking. I would like to...

NAB 2005 — Digital Intermediate: Trends and Workflow 

By Michael Goldman

For major facilities actively engaged in digital intermediate work on major feature films, NAB is less of a watershed for us than it used to be, in the...

Digital Intermediate 2005 

By Michael Goldman

Few artists have personally experienced the intersection between the worlds of feature fi lm and commercial color correction in recent years more directly than Stefan Sonnenfeld, president, managing director, and colorist at Ascent Media's Company 3 in Santa Monica and New York. ...

HD Focus 

HD Focus, February 8, 2005...

Discreet Lustre 

By George Joblove, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Discreet's Lustre has become a major part of the digital intermediate pipeline at Sony Pictures Imageworks. As part of our digital intermediate (DI) services,...

Scorsese's Color Homage 

By Michael Goldman

If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Martin Scorsese's private screening room discussing the history of color feature film processes, he will no doubt school you on such movies as Follow Thru, an obscure 1930 film about golf that illustrates the limitations of the early Technicolor two-strip, dye-transfer process by showing golf courses with blue grass. He might also show you clips from other two-strip films...

Seeking Vintage Color 

By Michael Goldman

When Martin Scorsese first decided it would be, in his words, interesting to explore ways to bake the visual color sense of the old Technicolor two-strip...

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