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StudioGPU MachStudio Pro 1.4

Mar 29, 2010 12:00 PM, By Dan Ochiva

Harness the power of your multple-GPU graphics cards.

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StudioGPU MachStudio Pro 1.4

Support for 32-bit floating point TIFFs provides higher bit depth. Price: $4,999 (includes bundled graphics card)

At last year's NAB, the partnership announced between StudioGPU and AMD put the chipmaker back into the running with arch rival Nvidia, which looked like it would put a lock on the high-end graphics market.

Now the Hollywood-based software company has released version 1.4 of MachStudio Pro software, aimed at adding new features and further optimizing the hardware and software integration. While you can use MachStudio Pro with Nvidia boards, you lose the results of the close collaboration between the two companies. That could mean that the most trouble-free implementations will come when used with a product such as ATI's FireGL V8650 3D graphics workstation accelerator, which is bundled with the software.

The software is designed to harness today's potent multiple GPU graphics cards so that individual artists won't need to rely on a render farm. Smaller projects—a Pixar-level studio will still rely on render farms—can export files from 3D programs such as Autodesk 3ds Max into MachStudio Pro and speed the rendering of such important graphics processes such as shaders and global illumination.

New features and enhancements in the updated software include physically based cameras; the ability to export directly into layered Adobe Photoshop files; a materials ID renderer; procedural ramp texture generation on projected lights; and added Python programming functionality.

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