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Edit Review: Bias Peak Pro 5  

Reviewer: Gary Eskow

If you make your living as an audio professional, you understand that staying afloat requires a flexible approach to the business. Having a specialty...

Edit Review: Bias SoundSoap Pro  

Reviewer: S.D. Katz

Today there are almost as many audio cleanup software products as there are applications for them. They can scrub distracting background noise out of...

Products: Avid 

By Dan Ochiva

Avid's Unity ISIS media network offers a highly scalable distributed intelligence architecture for advanced storage needs...

Edit Review — After Effects 7.0 Pro 

Reviewer: S. D. Katz

After Effects 7.0 Pro, the latest version since After Effects 6.5, is a solid new release that is somewhat overshadowed by the complementary debut of...

Edit Review — Digidesign Mbox 2 with Pro Tools LE 7 

Reviewer: Gary Eskow

Digidesign certainly can't be accused of resting on its laurels. Despite the fact that Pro Tools holds a commanding lead over all competitors in the high-end...

Shoot Review — Red Giant Primatte Keyer 3.0 for After Effects 

Reviewer: S. D. Katz

Nowadays, compositors have several good chroma key products to choose from, including Primatte, the Foundry's Keylight, dvGarage dvMatte Pro, Digital...

Edit Review — Algolith AlgoSuite  

Reviewer: Jan Ozer

I have a confession to make not all of my video shoots go off perfectly. I know, I know, all of you out there get it right first time, every time, but unfortunately that's just not me....

Edit Review — Tivity Xtivity 

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

If you've ever wanted to created Flash projects but were daunted by the learning curve of the Macromedia program, you might want to check out Xtivity from Tivity Software....

Products: D2 Software 

By Dan Ochiva

Keying out a particular subject is among the most common chores necessary to prep an image for compositing. But in working with the individual color channels to “pull” the key, traditional keyers use algorithms that lock the channels together. Tweak one channel to make a cleaner key......

Products: Blackmagic Design 

By Dan Ochiva

Until Apple's move last fall to the PCI Express, Mac workstations were in danger of slipping further behind Windows gear, which moved to the new bus architecture earlier in the year....

Products: Disc Makers 

By Dan Ochiva

While cranking out a few CDs or DVDs at a time isn't a big deal, it becomes a time-consuming bore beyond those first 10 discs. Thankfully, Disc Makers has a solution that doesn't cost all that much. ...

Edit Review — Apple Aperture 

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

First let's discuss what Aperture is not. It's not a Photoshop killer and it's not a super-charged iPhoto for pros. What is it? Apple Aperture is a high-end...

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