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Display Tools: Chief Manufacturing 

By Charissa Young

Turn an ordinary desktop into an efficient dual-monitor workstation with Chief Manufacturing’s dual-monitor mount. The FGL220 allows you to use a laptop as a primary or secondary mounting screen...

Display Tools: Matrox 

By Charissa Young

For Apple Final Cut Pro users wanting to leverage their DVI monitors' HD resolution, Matrox offers an affordable solution: MXO 2.0. ...

Edit Tools: Primera Technology 

By Charissa Young

If you've been holding out on investing in Blu-ray Disc burning technology because the dual-layer support wasn't there, Primera Technology has integrated Panasonic SW-5582 Blu-ray recording drives into its Bravo SE Blu and Bravo XR-Blu robotic disc publishers...

Edit Tools: Matrox 

By Charissa Young

The version 3.0 release for the Matrox RT.X2 editing platform supports the new Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium suite (including Premiere Pro CS3), complete with Blu-ray authoring...

Edit Tools: MOTU 

By Charissa Young

Brand new on the I/O front: MOTU announces a powerful HD/SD video production suite based around its new interface hardware, the V3HD. ...

Edit Tools: GridIron Software 

By Charissa Young

Enhance your productivity in the edit suite by customizing how nested Adobe After Effects compositions are rendered with GridIron Software's Nucleo Pro 2. ...

Display Tools: NEC 

By Charissa Young

The NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX monitor has a resolution (1920x1200) that enables native display of 1080-line HD. ...

Edit Tools: 1 Beyond 

By Charissa Young

The 1 Beyond HD D2D-Max functions as both a hard-disk field recorder and an editing drive. ...

Edit Tools: Elecard 

By Charissa Young

Editors in the Apple/Adobe/Avid world can handle most flavors of HDV footage — but not yet AVCHD. (So far, Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus and Sony Vegas are leading the way with AVCHD...

Edit Tools: Brooks Harris Film & Tape 

By Trevor Boyer

If you don’t know about it, you’ll want to check out EDLMax24 from Brooks Harris Film & Tape. The app offers edit decision list (EDL) management for format translation, editing and manipulation, cleaning, optimization, and frame-rate conversion between 30fps, 25fps, and 24fps...

Products: Dayang 

By Dan Ochiva

No doubt PCs play a key part in video production. To help video post keep up with constant changes in CPU speeds and storage throughput capabilities, Dayang designed its new-generation Redbridge series of video and audio cards...

Edit Tools: Red Giant Software 

By Trevor Boyer

Magic Bullet Suite 3 Red Giant Software This summer, Red Giant Software will release an update to its Magic Bullet collection of plug-ins, which includes...

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