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Cache-A Prime-Cache

Mar 3, 2010 12:00 PM, By Dan Ochiva

Secure tape-based backup.

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Uses TAR format to record, with claimed 30-year archive life. Price: $6,995 (street)

Uses TAR format to record, with claimed 30-year archive life. Price: $6,995 (street)

As your company grows, you have to implement better backup policies. Losing crucial files due to sloppy backup routines can lose clients quicker than just about anything.

That's one reason you might want to consider the new Prime-Cache from Cache-A. The company's founders have a solid technical history: Phil Ritti, Mark Ostlund, and Tom Goldberg were key players on the original team, which developed Quantum's well-received A-Series SDLT and LTO video data storage products.

The current model is aimed at the archiving needs of small post houses and small-scale field production. Self-described the easiest to use network-attached archive appliance available, Cache-A’s Prime-Cache writes data on low-cost, industry-standard 800GB LTO-4 tape cartridges. LTO is a secure, portable, interchangeable standard with a long history in the corporate world.

Operating system-independent, Prime-Cache works within Windows, Mac OS, and Unix environments; plugs into a standard Ethernet network; and backs up at speeds greater than 50MBps.

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