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Review: Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 

By Franklin McMahon

FxFactory Pro from Noise Industries is a package of expertly designed, powerful plug-ins that generates digital effects for Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Apple Motion on the Mac OS X platform...

Review: wondertouch particleIllusion 3.0 

By Franklin McMahon

Wondertouch has released particleIllusion 3.0 for Mac OS X....

Apple Final Cut Pro 7: First Look Review 

By Jan Ozer

By now you know that Apple has launched an update to Final Cut Studio. Here's a look at the newest features....

Review: GridIron Software Flow 

By Jan Ozer

GridIron Software Flow went from "What the heck does this program do?" to "I can't live without this software" faster than any other program I've looked at in my 15 years of reviewing software...

Beta Sight: Sonnet Technologies Fusion F2 

By A.J. Del Cueto, producer at Offhollywood

Offhollywood has built a reputation as a leader in 4K digital cinema services, with major studios and independent producers coming to us for solutions to challenging projects and workflows...

Test Drive: Apple Mac Pro, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

Back at you with the Apple Mac Pro. In our last segment, I looked at performance. Here, I’ll look at serviceability and the performance of Apple’s RAID option...

Working Smarter 

By Dan Ochiva

Whether you work for someone else or run your own business, you don’t need to be reminded how difficult things are. What’s more useful is discovering new ways to save money or to grow your business...

Test Drive: Apple Mac Pro, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

I have in my hands an Intel Nehalem-based Apple Mac Pro, specifically a 2.93GHz dual-processor, quad-core unit running Mac OS 10.5.7 with 12GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 4870 driving a beautiful Apple LED Cinema Display...

Review: Apple Mac Pro 

By Jan Ozer

Apple was the first out of the gate with an Intel Nehalem-based workstation, in the form of the Mac Pro announced in early 2009...

NAB Show 2009 Through My Ears, Eyes and Sore Feet, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

I’m back with some thoughts on the streaming side of the house, where some interesting trends are coming together. ...

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