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Using Motion Templates in Apple Final Cut Pro, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

After shooting, color-correcting, editing, sweetening the audio, and performing other similarly time-consuming project tasks, it's intimidating to think about adding customized animated text...

Apple Soundtrack Pro Tutorial 

By Jan Ozer

As with video, it's hard to capture audio perfectly. Fortunately, Apple Soundtrack Pro makes it easy to correct many common problems. In this article, I'll detail how to remove pops and clicks from your audio file, boost volume via normalization, and remove background noise...

Microsoft Windows 7 Test Drive, Part 3 

By Jan Ozer

Back again with Microsoft Windows 7 tests. I received the 64-bit Windows XP system hard drive from Puget Systems I mentioned earlier this week and ran my comparative tests. I'll include the test descriptions (again) for those who jumped directly to these results...

Apple ProRes 422 Beta Sight 

By John Trapp, video production engineer, Newsmax Media

In 2007, Newsmax Media, an independent online news site and monthly print magazine, converted a 12ft.-by-10ft. office in its headquarters into a studio to launch its Newsmax.TV online video operations...

Microsoft Windows 7 Test Drive, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

Last issue, I wrote about my experience installing Microsoft Windows 7 on a Windows XP 64-bit system. In this issue, I’ll compare the rendering performance of Windows 7 with that of Windows Vista...

Microsoft Windows 7 Test Drive, Part 1 

By Jan Ozer

It's time to look at Microsoft Windows 7, which I'm doing in two phases. First, I'll upgrade an existing Windows XP installation and detail the experience and my first impression of Windows 7...

Creating a 3D Graphics Package 

By Ken Carlson, creative director of Big Machine Design

The NFL Network called Big Machine Design (BMD) in early summer and asked us to create a new look and feel for its Sunday football coverage, known as NFL GameDay ...

PreSonus Audio Electronics Monitor Station Review 

By Gary Eskow

Perhaps your expertise in the audio field has developed to the point where you're building tracks in a digital audio workstation...

Sorenson Media Squeeze 6 Test Drive 

By Jan Ozer

My video review from last issue provides a high-level workflow overview and details the new features. In this review, I'll focus primarily on quality and performance...

Optimizing Encoding Performance with Apple Final Cut Pro, Part 2 

By Jan Ozer

If you have a multiple-processor computer, you can use Apple Qmaster to help spread the encoding load over those multiple processors, which can dramatically boost encoding performance...

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