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Working Cheap 

By S. D. Katz

Every now and then graphics and animation programs like Vue 5 and Poser become so successful that even high-end users take notice. Poser has been there for a while, and it's easy now to take Vue seriously, with its powerful new version from E-on Software....

Rodriguez and 3D Post 

By Michael Goldman

Robert Rodriguez says that even as production of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D entered the 11th hour, he decided to make a major change in the postproduction...


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Tascam GigaStudio 3 

By Gary Eskow

Seven years is a very long time in the technology business. Back in 1997, a revolutionary product called GigaSampler changed the way musicians thought...

Step by Step:
Kingdom Of Heaven

By Ellen Wolff

Modern visual effects techniques like CG sets, virtual extras, and digitally enhanced stunts are making it possible to mount period pieces on a scale that would have pleased Cecil B. DeMille. ...

Perfecting a Pipeline 

By Michael Goldman

DreamWorks' latest CG film, Madagascar, represents the culmination of two important evolutionary steps for the studio's animation pipeline. First, Madagascar's...

Tornado Redux 

By Michael Goldman

ILM's Oscar-nominated visual effects work on The Mask (1994) was a keystone in the history of visual effects, according to Mike Schmitt, visual effects...

Cinematic Sluggers 

By Michael Goldman

"There have been some great fight films, and I wasn't sure I wanted to take that on," says Ron Howard of his hesitation to direct Cinderella Man. "I found it daunting to face the challenge of trying to present boxing in a more compelling fashion than has been done in the past." A conversation with actor Russell Crowe, who stars in the film as the Depression-era fighter, James J. Braddock, however, convinced Howard to take up the challenge. ...

HP xw9300 

By S. D. Katz

The HP xw9300 is HP's latest smoker for digital content creation and the company's first workstation based on the AMD Opteron 200 chipset. When it comes...

Tools for Storage 

By Derek Kopp & Jeremy Neish, Rivetal
By Benoit “Ben” Girard, Digital Dimension

Sorenson Squeeze 4: Full-featured, Easy-to-use Compression At Rivetal, we work with digital video in just about every shape, size, and format. Whether...

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