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Big-Screen Dream 

By Michael Goldman

The documentary My Date with Drew mocks the notion that ultra-low production values will inhibit getting your movie a major theatrical release...

FilmLight's Baselight Eight 

By Adam Glasman and Asa Shoul, Framestore CFC

When we demo our DI capabilities to clients particularly people new to this field they're frequently blown away by how much we can do in digital grading....

Cinema Commercial Mix 

By David John Farinella

Cinema commercials are not only controversial, but they also present new challenges to audio professionals. Extra Mile, a new campaign for Hyundai's Sonata,...

Aeon Re-Flux 

By Michael Goldman

When MTV and director Peter Chung decided to digitally remaster the entire Aeon Flux animated TV series for DVD release to coincide with next month's...

Edit Review — Adobe Creative Suite 2 

By Frank McMahon

Adobe has unleashed another new version of its Creative Suite: CS2. The first version of CS seemed hard to top, but this second version...

Edit Review — Canopus Edius NX for HDV 

By Steve Mullen

With Edius NX for HDV, Canopus offers an HDV editing solution that allows editors to approach HDV material in a couple of different ways. Depending on...

Remembering Bob Turner 

By Jeff Sauer

The last time I saw Bob Turner was shortly after NAB this past April at the local New England Chapter of SMPTE's annual NAB wrap-up. That's our local expert panel discussion about what was at NAB each year, and while Bob wasn't on...

Edit Review — Cakewalk Sonar 4 

By Gary Eskow

If you haven't chosen a digital audio workstation yet, or are considering moving to a new platform, this is a great time to be in the market. The latest...

Desktop DV 

By Michael Goldman

When Esteban Mora, postproduction supervisor at Citrica Studios in Miami, went into post for what be came an award-winning, DV short (El Gol), he had...

Recording Reality 

By Gary Eskow

Once upon a time, an evening's television drama might have centered around a cast of Shakespearean actors performing a classic play. These days, though,...

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