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Edit Review — Sony Vegas 6 

By Frank McMahon

With Vegas 6 Sony Media Software continues its tradition of improving features while continually developing a robust software system. If you've never used the Vegas NLE before, it's a little different from some other timeline editors. The interface design was extracted directly from the Acid Pro...

Cooking with HDV 

By Michael Goldman and Cynthia Wisehart

Producer Steve Kirsh had always thought that a cooking entertainment product like his Good Cooking: The New Basics belonged on television, supplemented by DVD sales. But after meeting up with Steve Michelson, president and executive producer of Lobitos Creek Ranch, he flipped the equation....

Edit Review — AJA Kona 2 

By Steve Mullen

At NAB 2004, AJA Video Systems introduced its second-generation Kona product, the Kona 2. It is a PCI capture board designed primarily for HD-SDI transfer...

Edit Review — M-Audio FireWire Solo, Keystation Pro 88, Ableton Live 5  

By Gary Eskow

This month I'll take a look at three products marketed by M-Audio, a company that has created a niche for itself by manufacturing...

Step by Step:

By Ellen Wolff

When Universal Pictures gave writer/director Joss Whedon the chance to turn his TV...

Legato's Laboratory 

By Michael Goldman

Rob Legato ignores the African elephant lumbering past his Ford SUV during the brief ride up a dusty mountain road leading from to Legato wants to get...

Ancient Animation 

By Michael Goldman

At Match Frame, San Antonio, senior animator Jeff Stoyer says Rome: Engineering an Empire, required the painstaking creation of 3D backgrounds for flyover...

Overcoming CAD 

By Michael Goldman

A broadcast promo for MLB's 2005 All-Star Game places several big-name baseball players inside a CG pinball machine, where they pitch, hit, and catch...

Edit Review — Quick Fixes 

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Today's software tools have made great strides toward providing video makers with low-cost tools that deliver professional-level results. Often, however,...

Power Marketing 

By Frank McMahon

Marketing is something we deal with on a weekly basis, or at least something we all should be dealing with regularly. Many times, when we get busy with clients, marketing consists of simply throwing together a website and creating business cards. But marketing yourself should be an ongoing quest that requires constant involvement. It doesn't matter...

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