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Broadcast Science 

By Michael Goldman

As its name implies, Fight Science, an upcoming National Geographic documentary special slated for national broadcast in the spring of 2006, will showcase the science of martial arts. The “science” aspect involves documenting a complicated analytical process that scientists formulate as they examine the force, accuracy, speed, and range of movement produced by many of the world's leading martial artists...

RenderMan for Maya 

By John Monos

In the late 80s, the RenderMan standard was born, describing a series of rules and specifications for creating a 3D scene. Through the RenderMan Interface...

Road Editor 

By Michael Goldman

Author and filmmaker Ian Halperin shot his latest documentary, His Highness Hollywood, a film about the plight of struggling actors, using a Sony PD150...

Edit Review — Apple Motion 2 

By Frank McMahon

Apple continues to refine and advance its motion graphics and compositing program Motion with version 2.0. Motion's hook is that just about everything happens in realtime, and for many media artists...

Converging Pipelines 

By Michael Goldman

Australian sister facilities Digital Pictures Iloura and Digital Pictures Melbourne recently combined a Lustre-based digital intermediate workflow with...

Edit Review — Ableton Live 5 

By Franklin McMahon

I have used every version of Ableton's Live since 1.0, and it rocks. As an expressive artist's tool, it can't be beat for letting producers create great music out of a few basic clips and some effects. However, Live 5 may be a little different...

Edit Review — Apple Soundtrack Pro 

By Gary Eskow

Final Cut Pro has long had an audio component, but Apple has upped the ante with the release of Soundtrack Pro, a standalone application that integrates...

Step by Step: Doom 

By Ellen Wolff

Doom isn't the first blockbuster videogame to get a live-action film treatment, but it gets extra points for attempting something that's extremely difficult to achieve with a motion picture camera — a lengthy sequence that simulates the unbroken...

Compressed DI 

By Michael Goldman

O Entertainment of San Clemente, Calif., recently created a new iteration of the project formerly known as Santa Claus Versus the Snowman using Adobe Premiere...

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