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SR Tape DI Alternative 

By Dan Ochiva

With the introduction of Sony's 4:4:4 RGB HDCAM SR recorder in 2003, the take on tape changed it was no longer yesterday's format. The post industry became...

Mark In 

By Dan Ochiva

A bevy of websites concur that Intel is finally back on top with the debut of its Core 2 Duo processors. The microprocessors mark the end of Intel's long-running...

Edit Expertise: Platform Shootout  

By Jan Ozer

Every once in a while, it's fun to bring in a range of computers and see how they compare performance-wise. Certainly, the cross-platform capability of...

Going Tapeless   

By Michael Goldman

Director David Fincher insists he has deleted videotape from his professional life for good. I've hated tape for a long time all the nonsense that comes...

Hand in Hand  

By Dan Ochiva

When Autodesk completed the final paperwork this past January on its buyout of Alias, a new era began in the highly competitive animation and effects...

Shoot Expertise: The Filmmaker's Codec  

By Barry Braverman

In the beginning, it was known as FutureSplash, the product of a small startup that had come up with a way to deliver animation to dog-slow computers...

Edit Review: Canopus ADVC700  

Reviewer: Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Like many of you, I cut my teeth in the video business more years ago than I care to remember. But I do remember threading up a 3/4in. video tape recorder,...

Long-distance Relationship 

By Michael Goldman

Veterans of long-distance collaboration adventures for editing and general postproduction on major projects in recent years emphasize that the umbrella...

HDV editing using Avid’s Liquid 7.1, Part 2 

Steve Mullen

In the last installment, I asked “What would it mean to your HDV editing workflow if you could insert multiple video formats into a Timeline?” We then began to examine this question by looking at Avid’s Liquid 7.1. I remarked that I created two HDV sequences using Liquid....

HDV Editing Using Avid’s Liquid 7.1, Part 1 

By Steve Mullen

What would it mean to your HDV editing workflow if you could insert multiple video formats into a Timeline?...

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