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Test Drive: HP xw8400 

By Jan Ozer

There are (at least) two reasons to buy a really powerful multi-core computer: to accelerate the performance of one application, and to allow you to work...

Broadcast Pix Delivers Professional TV Production for Baptist Temple of Kansas City 

Baptist Temple of Kansas City has installed a Broadcast Pix 2000 switcher to streamline its video production workflow and improve the image quality for its broadcast television projects...

Dr. Strangelove Returns 

By Michael Goldman

New York's Cineric recently created a new black-and- white film print of Stanley Kubrick's classic 1964 anti-war film, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned...

Step by Step:
Charlotte’s Web

By Ellen Wolff

In E.B. White's classic book Charlotte's Web, one en- dearing scene shows Wilbur the pig receiving a buttermilk bath. For Paramount Pictures' live-action...

Review: Avid Media Composer 2.5  

By S. D. Katz

If you are looking for a large workgroup solution for a cable station, news department, or other high- volume operation, Avid is the industry standard...

Mark In 

In 1990, Jim Plant, now NewTek's CEO, said that in the future your favorite TV show will probably be made by someone you know....

Stock in the Mosh Pit 

By Darroch Greer

There is not another film like it anywhere in creation, and if you missed the proto-punk days of the mid-'70s, when glam rock turned incendiary, you can...

Scorsese: Gangster Style

By Michael Goldman

Like many intense relationships, Martin Scorsese's love affair with what he fondly calls gangster pictures never quite ends. Occasionally, he moves into...

Step by Step:
Need For Speed: Carbon

By Ellen Wolff

Usually you hear about efforts to make CG human characters look as photoreal as possible. But during production of cinematics for Electronic Arts' (EA)...

SpeedGrade OnSet 2006 

By Geoff Boyle, Cinematography Mailing List

When I began shooting commercials 20 years ago, as a DP I had considerable influence over the post process....

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