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Edit Review: dvGarage dvMatte Pro Studio 3 

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

Contributing writer Franklin McMahon reviews the dvGarage dvMatte Pro Studio 3 package, an affordable keying plug-in package that enables fine control...

Dream Job: Art School 2.0 

By Kristinha M. Anding

Bobby Beck believes that animation education should provide a personal experience. Having taught animation classes at bricks-and-mortar art schools, the...

Edit Review: VideoHelper and Sony Creative Software Quartet 

Reviewer: Gary Eskow

Sony Creative Software Quartet allows you to mix and match audio loops to develop precisely timed music to accompany your spots and videos. VideoHelper offers the Look and Load search engine to help you locate the cues that will serve your needs from the company's catalog of sliceable audio tracks....

Edit Review: Apple Aperture 2 

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

For the Mac platform, Apple has little competition in most areas of its software universe. The company's iWork, iLife, Logic Studio, and Final Cut Studio...

One for the Record Books  

By Michael Goldman

As Speed Racer hit theaters, there was much debate about the reasons for its disappointing first-weekend box office take (only in Hollywood could $18.5...

Distribute Expertise: Blu-ray Blues  

By Jan Ozer

Whenever Blu-ray comes up, there are questions about authoring. But equally daunting are the issues of distribution and the licensing costs associated...

Video Remix  

By Matt Hurwitz

For most VJs, distribution means one thing: spinning images off a Pioneer DVJ DVD turntable at a club and projecting them on screens or monitors...

Edit Review: Maxon Cinema 4D R10.5 

Reviewer: Franklin McMahon

After 10 revisions, Maxon Cinema 4D has blossomed into nothing less than a state-of-the-art rendering and animation system...

NAB 2008 Wrap-up 

By D. W. Leitner, Jan Ozer, and Dan Ochiva

Upstarts Red Digital Cinema, Iconix, and Vision Research were responsible for some of the most arresting developments in cameras...

Step by Step: Anamorph  

By Ellen Wolff

Visual effects can be crucial in depicting a story's key idea, and IFC Films' Anamorph is a case in point...

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