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Creative Plug-ins for Power Users

Nov 11, 2010 12:00 PM, By Franklin McMahon

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Red Giant Software Trapcode Suite 10 and Magic Bullet Suite 10

Two plug-in suites that need no introduction are Red Giant's Trapcode Suite 10 and Magic Bullet Suite 10. What you may not know is these packages are constantly being updated and both remain high on the bang-for-the-buck scale. It seems like I have reviewed these packages for years, so it is no surprise that they are both up to version 10. Magic Bullet Suite is a huge (hundreds of presets) plug-in package for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. It allows a vast array of tools for color correction and visual enhancement of production footage. First claiming fame via the Magic Bullet Looks which simulates different film grades, the package has expanded to PhotoLooks for images, Instant HD for SD to HD conversion, Grinder for DSLR conversion, Frames for 24p look, Colorista for color grading, and Denoiser for clean noise removal. New features include Adobe CS5/64-bit support, Colorista II, new presets, and Mojo for one-click skin tones.

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The Trapcode Suite 10 includes 9 powerful plug-ins including 3D Stroke, Echospace for 3D layers, Lux for light effects, Starglow and several more. New features include Adobe CS5/64-bit compatibility, Trapcode Form for organic 3D surfaces, Trapcode Horizon for photorealistic backgrounds, and new presets. Using these packages over the years, I am most happy to see speed increases and compatibility via 64-bit versions and CS5 support. Getting one or both of these power and almost ridiculously extensive packages would be a huge level of advancement to any production house or creative boutique.

Any of these plug-ins are a great buy because all the developers are committed to updating and improving the software as well as working to make laborious digital tasks very easy. Each also has a large amount of parameters to tweak, making wide-ranging experimentation a given. Several have free demos, so it's worth checking out and taking them for a test spin. It's hard to go wrong with any of these amazing plug-ins.

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