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Animation Evolution

Jul 1, 2008 10:00 AM, By Kristinha M. Anding

Students change the course of the Siggraph Computer Animation Festival.

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Reel-Exchange Student Animators

Watch student animation projects and demo reels at Below are some of our favorites. Stay tuned to for a new student-only community from Reel-Exchange launching at Siggraph 2008.

Ruben Vandebroek Precognition

Ruben Vandebroek Precognition


  • RUBEN VANDEBROEK, New York University

    Precognition was created as Vandebroek's thesis at NYU. All the footage was tracked using 2d3 Boujou. The objects, buildings, and monorail were modeled and animated in Autodesk Maya and rendered with Mental Images mental ray. All the final render passes were composited with the live action using Apple Shake.

Daniel Bohrer La Vie

Daniel Bohrer La Vie


    Vancouver Film School

    Bohrer's La Vie roams around the idea of having the storyline as background while bringing the character/audience relationship to the foreground. The music-driven project tells a story of an old man, for which Bohrer used Autodesk Maya and Pixar RenderMan.

  • Richie Gelles

    Richie Gelles 65%

    Rice University, Houston

    65% is Gelles' entry for the 2008 Festival VidéEau competition held by the International Secretariat for Water. The water elements were created by filming water poured into clear glass vases and then alpha-masked with the existing elements in Adobe After Effects.

  • Juan Leon Re:Animation
    Juan Leon Re:Animation
    Dominic Marcotte
    Dominic Marcotte Mosquitos
    Franky Plata The New Toys
    Franky Plata The New Toys
    Russell Porchia
    Russell Porchia The Grass is Always Greener
    Kevin Taylor The Barracuda… Build it
    Kevin Taylor The Barracuda… Build it
    Tyquane Wright Dive: A Creative Process
    Tyquane Wright Dive: A Creative Process

    Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

    Re:Animation is a surreal short depicting the process of a musical inspiration. The animation was created using Softimage|XSI 6.5 and Adobe After Effects. The music was created by New York-based Defragmentation, through a combination of Sony Sound Forge and Cakewalk Sonar to match the audio with the visuals.

    Centre NAD, Montreal

    Mosquitos is the story of a young mosquito waiting for his exam. Marcotte did all of the storyboarding, animatics, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, and compositing using Softimage|XSI 6.5, Adobe Photoshop CS3, and Eyeon Software Fusion 5.2.

    Centre NAD, Montreal

    The New Toys was done during Plata's first four months of visual-effects studies at Centre NAD using Softimage|XSI and Eyeon Software Fusion. His character design was based on the character Kassandra created by one of his friends — with previous authorization — which established the feel for the short as a “sad Toy Story.”

    New York University

    The Grass is Always Greener seamlessly combines rich live-action cinematography, in-camera visual effects, and CG modeling and texturing. Porchia used Autodesk Maya and Combustion, Adobe Photoshop, and Apple Final Cut Pro, and he captured the backplates with the Panasonic AG-HPX500.

    Blackpool and the Fylde College
    School of Art and Design, U.K.

    The Barracuda… Build it project is Taylor's first animation, and it allowed him to create a specific environment using 3D modeling, audio, and visual graphics. The buggy was modeled, textured, and animated in Luxology modo and then put into Adobe After Effects for postproduction work and final composition.

    New York University

    Dive: A Creative Process is an abstract short film about the creation of a sketchbook that Wright put together with a combination of 2D and 3D visual-effects techniques using Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop.

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