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Products: Pixellexis Systems & Technologies LXGD351SC 

Pixellexis Goes for the Practical

Pixellexis Systems & Technologies aimed for the high end when it created its LexiGrid water-cooled parallel-processing solution for realtime rendering....

Products: Nvidia Quadro CX 

By Dan Ochiva

Announced late last year, PNY now offers delivery on Nvidia's new top-of-the-line Quadro series. The cards use the latest GT200 GPU, which also turns...

Products: Quantel Primatte 

By Dan Ochiva

If you're working with greenscreens, you might have favorites among the very good keyers available. For some, the point-and-click ease of Imagica's Primatte...

Distribute Tools: Intelix DIGI-HDMI-IR 

By Dan Ochiva

It's always good to have a number of choices for signal distribution, since you want to find a product that fits both budget and a particular job need....

Edit Tools: Red Giant Software Red Giant TV 

By Dan Ochiva

Today's plethora of software tools would make an earlier generation of filmmakers swoon, but actually figuring out which apps to use and how to apply...

Distribute Tools: Digital Rapids TouchStream 

By Dan Ochiva

Taking streaming devices on location looks like it might become a real trend, as new generations of electronics shrink the gear. Digital Rapids' TouchStream,...

Edit Tools: Thomson Grass Valley Edius 5 

By Dan Ochiva

Checking out an NLE that's not part of the A team (Adobe, Apple, and Avid) takes a certain amount of self-assuredness, but the results can be worthwhile....

Edit Tools: Red Giant Software Warp 1.0 

By Dan Ochiva

While working with distorted video or effects such as shadows are all in a day's work for an effects artist, most of the rest of us need help. Red Giant...

Edit Tools: Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2.0.5 

By Dan Ochiva

Plug-in packages gain usefulness only if they work well with the apps you might use in the first place. Noise Industries' FxFactory product line includes...

Edit Tools: Tactic Southpaw Technology 

By Dan Ochiva

While you still might not want to plunge into investing in MAM (media asset management) software, prices are starting to trend down, even as developers...

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