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StudioGPU MachStudio Pro 1.4  

By Dan Ochiva

At last year's NAB, the partnership announced between StudioGPU and AMD put the chipmaker back into the running with arch rival Nvidia...

3D Production Comes of Age 

By Dan Ochiva

No one involved in production can miss the excitement generated over the release of James Cameron's Avatar this past week...

Digital Anarchy Beauty Box 

By Dan Ochiva

With today's feature productions facing reduced budgets and the proliferation of reality-style shows, finding new ways to prep talent for the camera deserves a closer look...

Boris FX Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX for Avid DS 

By Dan Ochiva

If you like the wide-ranging capability of Boris FX apps, you'll be happy to know that Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX now runs on Avid DS version 10.2.1 and higher...

ArtVPS Shaderlight 

By Dan Ochiva

ArtVPS, longtime provider of rendering apps, recently announced Shaderlight, the first full-release version of its interactive rendering plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max...

Vicon Bonita 

By Dan Ochiva

Hollywood and national advertisers remain enamored of projects with lots of animation and special effects, so technologies such as motion capture find ready audiences for new gear...

Chyron Axis  

By Dan Ochiva

In agreement with Forbidden Technologies, Chyron announced that it would integrate that company's web-based video editing technology with Chyron Axis, a package of graphics web services...

Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Mojo  

By Dan Ochiva

For most mainstream editors, color correction is an art form best left to those who spend their careers finessing color on a scene-by-scene basis....

Lightcraft Previzion Portable 

By Dan Ochva

If a production calls for lots of integrated effects, being able to see the results on location makes sense. That’s why Lightcraft thinks it has a winner with its Previzion Portable...

Digital Vision Dailies 

By Dan Ochiva

While telecines and computers have been around for quite a while now, a number of companies continue to attempt to figure out the best way to join the two technologies to offer a complete digital dailies solution...

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