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Genesis Test 

By Michael Goldman

Prior to debuting its film-style, portable digital HD imaging camera called Genesis (built around Sony technology but available exclusively through Panavision)...

Shoot Review — Ikelite Underwater Housing 

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

When I was growing up, the TV shows I remember most were about oceans and underwater adventure, such as Sea Hunt and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea......

Exclusive: The Lucas POV  

By Michael Goldman

Even though he has received more than a few Lifetime Achievement awards, George Lucas isn't ready to view his career...

Shoot Review—Panasonic AG-DVX100A 

By Barry Braverman

By every measure, the Panasonic DVX100 has brought a new, hitherto unseen level of performance to a camcorder in the $3,500 price range. Now, with the...

Super Test 

By Michael Goldman

The New England Patriots aren't the only ones hoping to return to the Super Bowl next year. ...

Shoot Review — Sony MSW-900 

By Barry Braverman

I don't think it's my imagination, but I'm suddenly seeing a whole lot more of Sony's new IMX format on television productions around town. One look around the sets and locations of NBC's Fear Factor and MTV's The Real World confirms the arrival of the MSW-900, a serious new IMX-based camcorder, in what has been staunchly analog Betacam SP territory for years.

Shoot Review—JVC JY-HD10 

By Steve Mullen

When I titled my January 2003 story about JVC's prosumer HD camcorder — “Is DV Dead?” — I was being somewhat facetious. Little did I know that by July, a group of four manufacturers would announce a new HD format based on MPEG-2. Canon, Sharp, Sony, and JVC have proposed a specification for an HDV format that includes 720p and 1080i versions....

Shoot Review — Canon GL2 Camcorder 

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe

About 10 years ago the then-new DV video format and digital transmission protocol FireWire/iLink/IEEE1394 set the video community on its ear with high-quality equipment at an affordable price....

The daring documentarian 

By Darroch Greer

Documentary maker Joel Soler is a patriotic Frenchman who does not take the blue, white, and red of , Egalit, Fraternit for granted. With his small DV...

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