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HD Peek at 2006 

By Michael Goldman

Nonlinear Acquisition 

By Simon Wyndham

Considering the number of years since editing systems became predominantly nonlinear, I find it fascinating that we are still using tape-based cameras and acquisition. There are, of course, very sound reasons why tape has been retained as an acquisition medium...

Shoot Review — Canon XL H1 

By D. W. Leitner

Of the first crop of professionalized HDV camcorders with 1/3in. sensors, only the latest, Canon's XL H1, can claim to have been created by a lens manufacturer. This is a meaningful distinction. With fixed-lens HDV camcorders retailing for less than $5,000 ...

Shoot Review — JVC GY-HD100 

By Steve Mullen

It is a decades-old dream of many filmmakers and videographers to use a camcorder to shoot progressive (24p or 25p), high-definition video that can be...

Apartment + Musician + Laptop + HD Camera = Music Video  

By Lee Rickwood

In the video production world, tales of music videos and other projects shot with ultra-low-budgets in some guy's apartment, using borrowed equipment, and edited using off-the-shelf software — aren't exactly new. Such stories might even make you might shrug your shoulders and politely stifle a yawn....

At IBC, IT Invades, Camera Bodies are Snatched 

D.W. Leitner

An archive of camera resources, brought to you by millimeter. Includes information on digital cinemaphotography cameras and related camera articles and news items....

Camera Confusion 

By Bill Miller

I'm a videographer. I've made a decent living at it for more years than I'd like to admit. And as the years go by, the job gets more and more confusing....

Future Workflow, Today 

By Barry Braverman

It's unusual for shooters and other mere mortals to glimpse the future with such clarity and insight. Over the last 30 years, many of us prescient industry professionals could only recognize the great leaps forward after the fact...

Shaking Things Up 

By Benjamin Semanoff

On the hottest day of Summer 2004, I found myself at the bottom of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps wielding a Steadicam. The unrelenting sun reflected back at me from the light-colored stone of those famous steps as I squinted up at my mentor, Steadicam inventor...

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