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Dalsa/Codex Workflow 

By Michael Goldman

Curtis Clark, ASC, had been planning to make a 30-second spec commercial for Michelob anyway...

Shoot Review: Zaxcom TRX900  

Reviewer: Gary Eskow

Although the wireless transmission of digital audio has been around for years turn off your cell phones, please the power they require has made digital...

Shoot Review: Sony HVR-M15U  

Reviewer: Tom Patrick McAuliffe

Don't you wish there was a middle-ground product that would allow you to invest in the new high-definition technologies, yet still be able to fully use...

Video Remix 

By Michael Goldman

Pop superstar Madonna is getting a lot of noteriety these days for her current Confessions Tour, but, from an engineering point of view, the real news is the aggressive and challenging nature of the show's video...

Shoot Expertise: That Film Look 

By Jan Ozer

Sometimes we write to be definitive; sometimes we write simply to add to the body of knowledge growing about a particular subject. This article falls...

NAB 2006 Pick Hit Awards 

By Trevor Boyer

Coming into NAB 2006, nobody was expecting much in the way of blockbuster products. After all, most if not all NLEs out there already handle HDV and HD...

Fade to Black:
Davis Guggenheim, Director

By Darroch Greer

While Davis Guggenheim's film An Inconvenient Truth will leave no doubt that global warming is a catastrophe in the making, the director himself was a...

Mark In 

I'm still not too sure what a show floor does when it buzzes. I do know that is one word that fits when it seemed every person in the vast Las Vegas convention...

NAB 2006 

By Barry Braverman, S. D. Katz, D. W. Leitner, Steve Mullen, Dan Ochiva, Jan Ozer, and Jeff Sauer

When the final history of NAB 2006 is written, don't be surprised if it ends up sounding like the tale of the blind man and the elephant: Depending upon...

Fields & Frames 

By Dan Ochiva

Even as video slowly but steadily replaces the Thomas Edison/W.K.L. Dickson's invention of motion pictures, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology...

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